…aaand we’re back!

After getting off to a good early start last year, an administrative delay pushed everything back. It put a bit of a damper on our momentum, but the great news is that we have extra 10 months to find this plant.

Welcome to a new year of the Fan Moss hunt, you guys. :)

Before I go any further, HUGE thanks and hearty congratulations to @t_knight for his October discovery of a previously undocumented Ontario population.
YEEAAAGGHH!! Great job. Now we can start to believe again that more Fan Moss is still out there to be found. Way ta go, Tristan!

We who are still here under the snow can see on iNat (with admitted envy) that the moss season for lucky southern-Ontarians is already well under way. Along with any Forsstroemia you see, please do keep ...more ↓

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If your path in 2019 leads through southern Canadian natural areas with rock outcrops or mature deciduous trees, please submit observations of shaggy mosses growing on the vertical!

Known historically (1828 to 1893) from deciduous trees between London and Prescott in southern Ontario, Fan Moss (Forsstroemia trichomitria) was re-discovered in Canada in 2011 (Faubert & Gagnon ...more ↓

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