December Scavenger Hunt

For many of us in northern climates, this is the beginning of the snow tracking season. Often in snow, track patterns are clearer than the prints themselves—and sometimes all we have to go on for identification.

Our December Scavenger Hunt includes three track patterns which can look quite similar, but are produced by completely different gaits. Over the coming weeks, I invite you to look for examples of each of the following track patterns and record them to our iNaturalist project page:

1) 2x2 Walk (aka “raccoon walk”)
2) 2x2 Bound (aka “weasel bound”)
3) Side Trot (aka “canine trot”)

For an extra challenge, try to find and document any of the following. Note that some of these are exceptionally rare.

1) A 2x2 walk pattern left by an animal other than a raccoon
2) A 2x2 bound pattern left by an animal other than a weasel
3) A Side Trot left by an animal other than a canine

Some notes on terminology:

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This project is a record of observations made as part of the Minnesota Wildlife Tracking Project Scavenger Hunt, a monthly feature in our newsletter and blog (

We welcome contributions made in the spirit of the Scavenger Hunt regardless of the location.

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