What is a Monarch roost?

In the late summer, monarchs in Ontario begin their 3000 km journey south to Mexico. Unlike the spring migration north, the fall migration is undertaken by a single generation of butterflies.

Monarchs are diurnal migrants, meaning they migrate during the day. At night, migratory monarchs roost on trees or shrubs and often form large groups of butterflies. These roosts are usually near meadows or other habitat that provides good foraging opportunities for the monarchs so they can feed and gain the energy required to complete their migration.

Based on our current knowledge of monarch roosts in Ontario, roosts are typically found in proximity to the Great Lakes but they can be found anywhere ...more ↓

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Join our province-wide, citizen science investigation to uncover #MonarchMysteries during the migration through Ontario!

Monarch migration is one of nature’s greatest wonders. Near summer’s end, these gorgeous butterflies begin to migrate from breeding habitat in Ontario to their overwintering grounds in Mexico. This southbound migration is completed by a single monarch generation, ...more ↓

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