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Hi all! In addition to all of our past observations we've had some great new ones coming in as well. I wanted to send a note about what sorts of observations are useful for conservation planning.

First of all, make sure you do not add any images you did not take yourself. I saw a couple pictures of pictures, any picture that you did not take (or are posting with direct permission and attribution from the person who took the photo) should not be added to inaturalist or the project. We are interested in what you find, not what other people have found elsewhere... and those sorts of photos are also against the iNaturalust rules. Instead, if you observe something but don't have a photo you can create an observation without a photo.

Anything wild is valuable to add. For instance: native plants, invasive plants, birds, mammals (tracks and scat are OK), and fungi. If you map an invasive species you can also add it to this project: ...more ↓

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Montpelier is best known as the capital of Vermont or a place to pick up dinner and a beer, but the smallest state capital in the United States also has wonderful natural diversity in its parks, open spaces, rivers, forests, and even in residents' backyards. Join the Montpelier Conservation Commission in documenting the biodiversity of Montpelier! information gathered will be used for ...more ↓

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