Moth Week Competition 2021 - Announcement of Winners

It has been a progressive National Moth Week with 390 observations uploaded by 13 observers and over 100 species. Two contributors surpassing over 100 records.

The Winner of 2021 National Moth Week Competition is @chathuri_jayatissa
She has recorded 126 Observations and 106 different species.
Congratulations Chathuri !!!🏆🏆🏆

Runner up is @chathura_udayanga with 106 Observations and 96 different species.

Third place goes to @sasandulasithminaperera with 59 observations and 57 different species.

A copy of my book (A handbook to Moths of Sri Lanka vol.1 ) will be given to three highest species observers - Chathuri Jayathissa, Chathura Udayanga and Sithmina Perera as an appreciation for their contribution and effort.

Many thanks to everyone who participated!

Posted on July 27, 2021 08:36 AM by nuwan nuwan


Congratulations to all winners. @chathuri_jayatissa @chathura_udayanga @sasandulasithminaperera
This showcases the extraordinary diversity of lepidopterans in the Island. Great work @nuwan and all contributors!

Posted by aravinth6 over 2 years ago

It was a pleasure to be a participant of this moth project. Thank you very much for organising such a valuable event. Congratulations to the winners. Keep mothing

Posted by chathura_udayanga over 2 years ago

Thanks for hosting the event! Congrats to all who participated (excluding me, sadly. I barely found anything but that's how nature is. I will still add my obs. to the project)!

Posted by vihaking277 over 2 years ago

It's a pleasure to be a part of this much valuable event and as I saw this was one of best citizen competition that I ever saw.Congrats to the winners of Moth week competition and hope to see much more moth observations in iNaturalist platform from Sri Lanka! Lastly I wanna thank to Mr. @nuwan who is THE expert of Sri Lankan moths for conducting the event in Sri Lanka and for encourage citizen scientists to attend this valuable event! Thanks all who gave support to this event!!!😃🙏

Posted by pasindu_dilshan over 2 years ago

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