It's National Moth Week!

Have you seen any moths lately? Have you looked? National Moth Week is happening now through July 26. Many of you should have received an email about the event from the Great Nature Project on Saturday (if you've completed a profile on Since then, many of you have shared beautiful moth photos. Thank you! Remember that the less beautiful ones are important to record, too.

The National Moth Week website has suggestions for how to attract moths and they also appreciate you registering your "event" even if it's just at your house! You can also add your moths to the National Moth Week project on iNaturalist (I'll also help add moth observations to that project in case you forget).

If you've got kids you want to engage in a biodiversity scavenger hunt about butterflies and moths, check out this mission we created to guide your biodiversity explorations. We'd love to hear what you think about it!

Finally, if you want to look at beautiful moths, check out our collection of some of the most eye-catching moths submitted to the Great Nature Project as well as this news piece from National Geographic about National Moth Week.

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