Early May 2016

It's still early on in the spring-summer bloom and bee season, however changes are happening often and fast in our pollinator garden/Monarch waystation. Flax, sunflower, and milkweeds seedlings are growing quickly, and our two penstemon species are due to bloom any day! California poppy and globe mallow are already blooming, and the Gambel's oak and velvet ash have leafed out. In the last month, I have already spotted two native bee species, one of which has created a nest in a cavity in the wall of a building next to the garden.

Also in April, we laid down new mulch over mineral soil where the previous mulch had washed, eroded or worn away, pulled weeds, and threw down some last-minute sunflower seeds.

Keep your eyes peeled, visit the garden as much as you can, and remember that ALL observations with photos are helpful because they can help us document when flowers (and thus nectar resources) are available in our pollinator garden here in the Arizona Central ...more ↓

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Help us keep track of the occurrence of species in our pollinator garden and Monarch way station. The presence of insects and plants in our garden will help us document bloom times, species diversity over time, and if our garden is beneficial to native and migrating pollinators. Thank you for your time!

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