Maple Leafcutter Moth

We drove up to Elmore today and there is definitely nicer fall color starting up that way. The red maples seem to be off to a promising start. The sugar maples are getting holes in the leaves from Maple Leafcutter Moths which is part of why their color isn't as nice this year. (see ) . I am interested in their range and effects so will add those to this project as well. Also I noticed the sugar maples have lots of seeds which are good news for the maple population and for the squirrels, but bad news for color as well since they are drab brown and cover many of the trees.
The birches don't look great this year either, but we will see.

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New England is famous for its colorful plants. The color is most prominent in the autumn, when the leaves of hardwood trees turn almost any color of the rainbow. A shorter colorful season also occurs in the spring, when muted red and yellow tones appear amongst the greens of new leaves. Even in midsummer, there are subtle differences in the colors of the trees. In winter, some species hold ...more ↓

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