Thursday: Native Plants & Animals

We have two more days of BioBlitzing and I can't wait to see what everyone discovers! So far, we've made 803 observations and identified 341 species. The map of observation locations is filling in, showing participation across the garden state.

We've identified 100 different introduced species so far including House Sparrow, Brown Marmorated Stinkbug, and 83 species of plants. The winner of the "invading vine" challenge is sarahofarrell who made five observations of different vine invaders. They also added notes to their observations, sharing their battle with invasive plant management! Keep up the good work.

Today, we focus on native plants and animals. These species have evolved together over time and many have developed symbiotic relationships. Don’t be deceived by common names…many wildlife beneficial plants have the term “weed” in their name. (Think milkweed and monarchs!) Thursday’s BioBlitz Challenge: Submit an observation of a “weed” that is native to New Jersey.

Have fun out there!

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cgb25 is the winner of the native "weed" challenge. Poison ivy makes us itchy and uncomfortable, but it is a native plant that is beneficial to many wildlife species! What a great example of a native plant with a bad reputation.

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