September EcoFlora Virtual Lecture and community feedback opportunity

Plants Can Help Make the NY–NJ Harbor Estuary Fishable and Swimmable!

Robert Pirani, Program Director, New York–New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program at the Hudson River Foundation

Tuesday, September 26, 5:00PM EST


The New York–New Jersey Harbor Estuary is the largest public resource in the nation’s greatest city. Conservation and management of its flora can help make its waters fishable and swimmable, and help ensure that the estuary’s many benefits are available to people throughout the region. Rob Pirani, Program Director of the New York–New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program at the Hudson River Foundation,

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The New York City EcoFlora is a community science project led by the New York Botanical Garden to document and conserve the biodiversity of New York City. It combines the New York Botanical Garden's historical strengths in collections with emerging opportunities in digital technology and community science to maximize the impact on plant conservation in New York City. All New Yorkers are ...more ↓

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