My Personal Experience of the City Nature Challenge

Congratulations to the 803 New Yorkers who participated in the 2021 City Nature Challenge! Team NYC is in the top 95 percent world wide for observations and observers. We have a week to upload any remaining nature sightings and put names on everything. I have some bird recordings to upload and I’m going to scan through the rejects from the last four days for any that are identifiable. Results will be announced May 10.

The CNC has become the highlight of my year. For four days I’m totally immersed in nature. It’s like camping right here in the City or a retreat in the Catskills. From sunup to sundown I’m outside with the plants and animals, listening to bird song and reveling in our spectacular park landscapes. There are no scandals, no ...more ↓

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The New York City EcoFlora is a community science project led by the New York Botanical Garden to document and conserve the biodiversity of New York City. It combines the New York Botanical Garden's historical strengths in collections with emerging opportunities in digital technology and community science to maximize the impact on plant conservation in New York City. All New Yorkers ...more ↓

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