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August 07, 2019

NYBG EcoFlora Update, August 2019

It's August and time for the annual MILKWEEDS AND MONARCHS EcoQuest Challenge.

Milkweed plants are beautiful and amazing species that support numerous other organisms, including Monarch butterflies, but also Bees, Wasps, Flies, Bugs and Birds. They are like the Walmart of the plant kingdom. Help us document Milkweed plants and Monarch butterflies in New York City. Of the eleven species indigenous to NYC, only three are common today. Document as many species in your community and advocate for more plants and more diversity of native species.

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August 31, 2019

NYBG EcoFlora Update, September 2019

September’s EcoQuest Challenge is GO FOR GOLDENROD. New York City has been home to 19 species of Goldenrod (Solidago), the iconic wildflower heralding cooler weather and the colorful fall foliage season. Download the Goldenrods of New York City and see how many species you can document?

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