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November 27, 2015

NZ Native Orchid Key smartphone app

A smartphone and tablet version of the interactive identification key to native orchids has been created.

This is now available for Android at and will soon be on the iTunes Store for iOS at

This free app covers many plant characters for identifying native orchids, including leaves, flowers, habitats, and distribution. It is a complete install so it can be used in the field without Internet access.

The online PC/Mac version has also been updated at

Key authors: Murray Dawson, Jeremy Rolfe, Kathleen Stewart, Jenny Dent, and Michael Pratt.

We thank members of the New Zealand Native Orchid Group ( and the NatureWatch NZ project ( for contributing images to this key.

The New Zealand TFBIS (Terrestrial & Freshwater Biodiversity Information System) Programme funded creation of this app.

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