March 05, 2019

Re-focusing on Regal Fritillary Observations.

Nebraska Game and Parks is collecting data on monarch and regal fritillary butterflies within Nebraska through our Monarch and Regal Fritillary Survey citizen science project. We have refocused our level one observations to better fit our project needs.

There are two levels at which participants can collect data:

Level 1- single observations , like those collected through iNaturalist. For these single point observations we are refocusing our efforts on regal fritillary butterflies ONLY, and are no longer recruiting for single observations of monarchs.
However, if you If you have sightings of monarch congregations (6 or more monarchs) or of tagged monarchs, please send them to

Level 2- transect surveys, collecting all occurrences of target species throughout planned transect. Data collection for these transect surveys can be completed through Please contact if you are interested in participating in these planned transect surveys.

More details about this project can be found at

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June 13, 2016


If your observation is sent directly to me via email or phone call, it will be listed under the watchablewildlife icon. Your name will be located under that particular observation.

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