Noxious seedlings!

Some young plant characteristics are variable and may not be obvious as to what the parent plant may be. Here we'll try to hone identification and share tips for young weed ID (and control!)... the best time to control them.

Please submit seedling pics of noxious or other introduced, non-indigenous plants that spread via seed or vegetatively and follow these steps:

  1. Submit observation (and either "add to project" or...)
  2. Go back to observation page and find the "Projects" dropdown menu and either type or select "Noxious seedlings and seedlings of interest"
  3. In the "Please complete the following to add this observation to the project" popup, under "seedling," select "reseeder (if spreads by seed), resprouter (if spreads by rhizome or otherwise vegetatively), or unsure (if not discernable)" and hit "Add"
  4. Hit "Add to Project"
  5. Done!
Posted on January 19, 2023 06:21 PM by tomerler tomerler | 1 comment | Leave a comment

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Before they were weeds, they were seedlings... this project aims to sharpen ID for variable attributes for young noxious weeds.

tomerler created this project on January 19, 2023
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