iNaturalist Odonata Working Group's Journal

June 19, 2018

iNaturalist updated to WOL v. 249

Hi Odonata enthusiasts,

iNaturalist is now up to date with WOL v. 249

All flags have been resolved except these two raised by @robert_taylor: P. basicornu vs. Pseudagrion glaucum? Trithemis tropicana distinct from T. africana?
I've nudged @dennispaulson to try to get his thoughts on these two issues

Also thanks for bearing with me on the process for curating Odonata taxonomy. Here's a few updates:

1) I'm proposing we move these conversations from my personal journal to this new project "Odonata Taxonomic Working Group"

2) I will continue my duties to keep iNat in sync with WOL by periodically updating the iNat taxonomy and will relay these updates to this project's journal as I'm doing here. If you want to receive these posts, please follow this project.

3) If you have an issue with a particular species, please flag the species. I'll do a better job keeping up on flags. I'll try to summarize flags here in the update posts.

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