Start here: Instructions for observations

Thanks for your participation in this project! He are some details about what we'd like to see in your observations or reports:

1) a photo: please try to get a clear, close up photo of the beetles. iNaturalist allows multiple photos for each observation (click the green camera icon in the upper right corner to add more), so feel free to submit some of the beetles and the plant that you found the beetles on.

2) For the Species name ("What did you see?"), please put "beetle" or "Galerucella" beetle, or simply leave blank. Please, do not put the host plant that you found it on.

3)In notes or description, put any extra information you'd like us to know about

4) Please verify that the location is correct (on the smartphone apps) or find your location on the map (for website based observations).

5) Please include the date and time observed (the smartphone apps should do this automatically).

6) Leave "need ID help" set to "no"

7) If you would like to keep the location data hidden from other iNaturalist users, change "Geoprivacy" to "obscured" or "private".

8) Please describe the host plant (i.e. "rose bush"). You can be as specific as you'd like.

9) Please choose the number of beetles that you observed from the ranges provided.

Thanks again for your assistance!

-Oregon Department of Agriculture

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