Welcome to the Oregon Roadkill Survey

For those who have joined, I would like to welcome you to the Oregon Roadkill Survey. In this post, I'm going to explain a few things about the project in more depth and how you can contribute better to the project.

The Purpose of the Project

One of the comments I got prior to creating this project, is why the groups "GLOBAL Roadkill Observations" or "Roadkill". I think the first project I mentioned is the most similar to why I created this, "reduce this loss and the first step is to understand where it is occurring." (GLOBAL Roadkill Observations -- About)

That is why goes through my mind when I think about documenting roadkill. I live near Ladd Marsh Wildlife Management Area in northeastern Oregon and I find it outstanding how many animals are killed on Oregon Highway 203. In the spring when waters are high, a new duck dead on the road every day was not unusual. At night there's always a cat or raccoon dead. In fall, farm pheasants are released ...more ↓

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Animals struck by vehicles is inevitable but when you really look into the data, it's jaw-dropping how many animals lose their lives due to road collisions. In this project, centered in the state of Oregon, we'll going to collect data to give animals the best chance of survival. In this project, we hope to accomplish:

1. Which species are most vulnerable to road collisions.
2. ...more ↓

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