Birds in the SONEC region

The mosaic of wetlands in Southern Oregon and Northern California provide important habitat for an incredible diversity of breeding and migratory birds, including Oregon Conservation Strategy Species like the snowy plover and long-billed curlew.

Earlier this summer, ODFW biologists and volunteers conducted a snowy plover census at sites in eastern Oregon, which added current year data points to a long-standing data set documenting occupancy trends for this species. With uncharacteristically severe heat and drought conditions in Oregon and throughout the west, this summer will be a critical time to monitor for changes in bird behavior and habitat use. Changing ...more ↓

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Help us improve our conservation efforts by sharing your wildlife observations! The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is responsible for protecting and enhancing Oregon’s wildlife populations and their habitats. ODFW developed the Oregon Conservation Strategy with the goals of maintaining ...more ↓

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