Why Rabbitbrush?

First, thanks to Joshua for starting this project. I hope we will get lots of participation this year.

I think this is a great plant to appreciate for many reasons. Widespread, prolific bloomer, and smells nice (opinions vary).

Some animal highlights are ...

Diptera: On gallformers.org, 24 species are listed for Ericameria and 7 for Chrysothamnus. Almost any Syrphid fly will visit for nectar.

Lepidoptera: Chamisa is one of the best places to hunt for Noctuidae on summer and fall evenings. The specialist moth, Schinia unimacula, is found all over the western US (http://mothphotographersgroup.msstate.edu/species.php?hodges=11188).

Hymenoptera: I have seen a variety of wasps hunting and nectaring, especially Braconids like Lytopylus. Bees adore it, including 93 pollen specialist species (https://jarrodfowler.com/pollen_specialist.html) and potentially hundreds of generalists and other Asteraceae specialists.

Coleoptera: Beetles love flowers too, especially Checkered Melon beetles and Soldier beetles.

Posted by egordon88 egordon88, February 17, 2022 01:15 AM


Nice summary of the rabbitbrush visitors! I'll definitely be looking out for the rabbitbrush moth this year, hopefully it comes out in the day sometimes too.

Posted by joshuacde 11 months ago (Flag)

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