Journal Posts for 2018-2019 Migration Season

Note: I originally posted the following field notes for the 2018-2019 migration season under the main umbrella project. At the time, I didn't know this would become a multi-year project. It would've been better to have all the field notes posted under this project for the 2018-2019 migration season. However, I didn't want to move the journal posts because I'd lose the original date/time stamps plus all the comments. So I'm providing links to the originals here.

Surveys: 42
Volunteers: 2

November 2018
11/22/18 ... 2018-2019 Migration Season Starts - Newts are on the move

11/25/18 ...more ↓

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The purpose of this project is to record the number of Pacific Newts killed on Alma Bridge Rd. near Lexington Reservoir during the migration season 2018-2019 in an effort to get the Santa Clara County Roads Department to close the road or implement other mitigating measures to reduce the massive roadkill during newt migration season.

This project will be rolled up with other ...more ↓

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