South/Aldercroft side - 12/12/2019

Today I walked the South side, from the stop sign to Aldercroft, 12:37pm - 2:28pm. Relatively dry conditions, temperature around 70F, low clouds rolling over the hills nearby, partly cloudy on the road.

63 dead newts. No other dead species seen. No live newts or other critters seen. 10 Santa Clara County Roads trucks working clearing brush, 15 other vehicles, 9 bikes.

Weather from 0.07 inches rainfall the previous day, 0.11 inches total today.

Posted by newtpatrol newtpatrol, December 13, 2019 04:52



Thanks, Stacie! There were quite a few very bloody ones today. So sad to see :(

It looks like you've seen a few on the west side of Hwy 17?

Posted by truthseqr about 1 month ago (Flag)

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