February 14, 2019

48 dead newts found on a heavy rain morning; no live ones

February 14, Thursday, from 9:30-10:20.
I started at the Priest Rock Trail trailhead, and walked 1.2 km south, to here - 37.187875, -121.986516
I found 48 dead newts, both fresh and not. Also found an arboreal salamander, a dead millipede, and a few earthworms. Due to the heavy rain I might have missed a few very old dead newts, as the road was flooded making it difficult to see them.
It was raining the whole day and night before the survey, and even the previous night (Tuesday).
In about an hour I was there, I saw about 20 cars - pretty quite.
The road was flooded, with some mud-slides from the mountains.

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January 20, 2019

268 Pacific Newts found dead today; no live ones seen

January 19, 2019 (Saturday)
I found 268 fresh newt carcasses (i.e., belly was bright orange/yellow and/or there was bright red blood).
See: https://www.inaturalist.org/calendar/truthseqr/2019/1/19

I also found 140 partially decomposed carcasses. I'll have to compare these with previous observations to make sure no duplicates are added to the project. This might take several days or weeks. Just be aware that the count could jump up to 408 for this date, if all the decomposed ones are added to the project in the coming weeks.

I also saw a broad-footed mole dead on the road (DOR).

Rainfall: 1.18" since I last did a roadkill count. Total rainfall for Jan: 4.34"

Traffic: There was a steady flow of traffic to and from the Los Gatos Rowing Club (not a safe time to be taking roadkill pictures). @merav joined me for the roadkill count between Limekiln and Priest Rock Trailheads. I also surveyed St. Joseph's Hill OSP to Aldercroft Heights Rd. (6.6 miles total). Traffic was not so bad once I got past the rowing club entrance. Lots of bikes and joggers on the road today as well.

Question: what does a newt look like after it's been run over by 100 vehicles?

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