All's Quiet in the Northern Hemisphere?

As you know this project comprises many different kinds of parasites, but most of them are from the animal kingdom with the greatest representation amongst the winged and once winged insects. Once cold weather comes to the Northern Hemisphere, it is much less common to observe insects of any kind active and many plants go dormant so it is a great time to

  1. Savor the special finds one has made this year. (Thank you iNat for the Personal Year in Review. How rewarding and informative!)
  2. Turn one's attention to insect observations in the Southern Hemisphere. Seeing what's happening Down Under keeps spirits up.
  3. Learn about parasitic plants that are often more visible in the landscape in the winter time.

Check out a traditional project with anything but traditional plants. Or if you ...more ↓

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This project used to be called "Bus Passengers: Caterpillar Parasitoids & More." Yet we have seen parasites not only affect lepidopterans in the larval stage, but many other organisms in all stages of life: dragonflies, grasshoppers, and spiders to name just a few. Based on the needs of our members I've decided to widen the scope of this project to include more than just caterpillar ...more ↓

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