"What's in a name?"

As State Route 22 passes north and south along the eastern border of New York, it provides a vital transportation corridor between the rural towns of villages of that area, but also gives the traveler a panoramic view of a lovely, hilly topography. Many maps will reference this region's uplands as "Taconic Hills" or "Taconic Mountains". And most references will define "Taconic" as derived from the transcription of the Algonquin expression "Taghkanic" which apparently meant "in the woodlands" or "among the trees". Rather than a result of recent geologic uplift, the appearance of mountains and hills was produced by excavation of the area by Pleistocene glaciers. The exposed rocks of these uplands were formed much further back in time, during what geologists call the "Taconic Orogeny" of half a billion years ago.

Not nearly so old, the settlements of Hebron were established in the late 18th Century and eventually named (like so many other New England and New York ...more ↓

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Help document the faunal and floral diversity in the wetland, field and forest communities along a stretch of Black Creek, in Hebron, Washington County, New York state. This project will share your experiences with others, and allow others to comment, add identifications and otherwise enrich our knowledge of the Preserve as a natural setting for both common and threatened ...more ↓

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