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The guide to Bunchgrasses of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve is now downloadable for offline use. You can download it onto your smartphone or tablet, whether or not it is cell-capable, and have it with you in the preserve.

Download it by starting your iNaturalist app. Select "More" at the lower right. Select the "Guides" option. You can search for it by its name, or better yet select "Nearby" and reload the page with the icon at the upper right. The guide should be near the top of the generated list. Select it, then select the icon in the upper right corner. That leads to the key. Slide downwards to the bottom of the key and there is a link to the download. It'll take up just over 6mb of your device's flash drive.

As always, contact me if you need help.

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The purpose of this project is to map and monitor locations of buffelgrass and fountain grass within the boundaries of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve.

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