And the results are in!!! Records all over!

Personal Bioblitz 2021 Results (1 March – 15 May, 2021)

Cumulative Community Totals:
• 68914 observations (New record!!!, previous record was set 2020 with 25584 observations, this is and increase with 269%! Amazing.
• 8844 species (New record!!! )
• 114 participants reported observations (153 signed up, not everyone reported – New record!!!)

Some fun facts:
• 21673 of observations (31.4%) were from New Jersey, USA, home state for the Personal Bioblitz, which is about the same amount as last year
• Plants rule! 38,382 observations (55.7%) were of plants. There are a lot of great botanists who participate each year, so not surprising.
• 2875(!) different people around the world helped identify the species that were reported to the project.

Most observations:

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Join the Rutgers University 2021 PERSONAL BIOBLITZ!
Join our biodiscovery project, now in its 8th year. Count up the wild and naturalized species you can discover in your everyday life wherever you are, compare what you see with others, and give and get help identifying unknown species. You can be a beginner or expert, everyone is welcome.

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