And the results are in!!! Records all over!

Personal Bioblitz 2021 Results (1 March – 15 May, 2021)

Cumulative Community Totals:
• 68914 observations (New record!!!, previous record was set 2020 with 25584 observations, this is and increase with 269%! Amazing.
• 8844 species (New record!!! )
• 114 participants reported observations (153 signed up, not everyone reported – New record!!!)

Some fun facts:
• 21673 of observations (31.4%) were from New Jersey, USA, home state for the Personal Bioblitz, which is about the same amount as last year
• Plants rule! 38,382 observations (55.7%) were of plants. There are a lot of great botanists who participate each year, so not surprising.
• 2875(!) different people around the world helped identify the species that were reported to the project.

Most observations:

  1. Sara Rall (srall) from New Jersey, USA, 10303 observations (New record!!!)
  2. Susan Hewitt (susanhewitt) from New York, USA, 4528 observations
  3. Nick Kleinschmidt (nick2524) from New Hampshire, USA, 4096 observations [started to use iNaturalist in 2019, special congratulations!)
  4. Nick Lambert (nicklambert) from Australia, 3878 observations
  5. Barbara L Wilson (sedgequeen) from Oregon, USA, 3732 observations

Most species:

  1. Nick Lambert (nicklambert) from Australia, 1457 species (thanks for adding all kinds of species none of the rest of us could see! This is a new record!)
  2. Annika Lindqvist (annikaml) living in Texas, USA, 1092 species (she broke her record from last year! Last year Annika was number one in this category, but had to see Australia’s Nick Lambert climb to first place this year.)
  3. Barbara L Wilson (sedgequeen) from Oregon, USA, 969 species
  4. Erik Danielsen (er1kksen) from New York State, USA, 968 species (just one species away from third place…)
  5. Sarah Kelsey (botanylicious) from Georgia, USA, 961 species (so close to third and fourth place!)

Most observed species (heavily weighted to common species in Northeastern United States)

  1. American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) 352 observations (seen by 34 observers]
  2. American Robin (Turdus migratorius) 337 observations [47 observers]
  3. Red Maple (Acer rubrum) 275 observations [33 observers]
  4. Eastern Gray Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) 261 observations [38 observers]
  5. Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata) 258 observations [42 observers]

Congratulations to all iNaturalist participants, and to the winning species! Thank you all! Special thanks to Hadas Parag who helped with the data cleanup at the end. See you next year for the 2022 Personal Bioblitz!

Lena Struwe and the Personal Bioblitz 2021 leadership team

Posted by vilseskog vilseskog, May 29, 2021 18:01


Thanks for having me! I enjoyed it and it helped get me out and about a bit more often and a bit more seriously than usual.

Posted by nicklambert over 1 year ago (Flag)

We all did great, and I am sure we all learned a lot!

Posted by susanhewitt over 1 year ago (Flag)

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