Results from Spring 2020 Personal Bioblitz

Hi everyone,

After a little delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we now have the final Personal Bioblitz results for Spring 2020. New records were set, and the numbers and species are a lot different this spring, but more observations than ever were reported. Congratulations to the whole bioblitz community around the world, and to the 5 top observers and species counters. Thank you all for your participation!

I also want to highlight this recent statement from iNaturalist about Black Lives Matter ( Please take a moment and reflect on this topic and what we actions we all can take to reduce and remediate racism, exclusion, and historical injustices in our societies, and people’s access to nature and biodiscovery in particular. Today is June 19th (Juneteenth), the anniversary of the end of slavery in the United ...more ↓

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Join our biodiscovery project, now in its 7th year. Count up the wild species you can discover in your everyday life whereever you are and compare what you see with others and give and get help identifying unknown species. You can be a beginner or expert, everyone is welcome.

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