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PhyscoHunt is the citizen science initiative of a research project funded by the National Science Foundation. We are using Physcomitrium mosses to learn about genome duplication in plants. For that purpose we are culturing strains from this genus growing in North America and Europe, but we have many regions with no representation and we thought that many naturalists might be able and willing to provide data and specimens.

We are using this project on iNaturalist as a hub to share observations and have a space for discussion and feedback. Please, do not hesitate to contact any of the administrators if you have questions.

We have tried to make easy your participation. Our training document will get you ready for action.

Learn more about the project here, and help us disseminating the initiative on twitter with #PhyscoHunt.

PhyscoHunt is funded by the NSF grants (DEB-1753673, 1753800, and 1753811): Diversity of Physcomitrium pyriforme in North America and Europe: significance of autopolyploidy within a phylogenomic and experimental framework. A collaborative project shared among the University of Connecticut, Texas Tech. University, and Augustana College.

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