Further publication of the CRG Master Lists

We are super pleased to have published our next lot of data from the Caterpillar Rearing Group (CRG)! This is our third publication.

The paper is here:
An overview of Lepidoptera-host-parasitoid associations for southern Africa, including an illustrated report on 2 370 African Lepidoptera-host and 119 parasitoid-Lepidoptera associations
by @hermann_staude @karoopixie @silviakirkman @rjpretor Rolf Oberprieler @simonvannoort Allison Sharp, Ian Sharp, Julio ...more ↓

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A parade of pillars down the cat-walk ;-)

A showcase of the southern African Lepi babies. I have found this very useful for IDs, and maybe you will too. Many USEFUL LINKS below - click the MORE button!

Our moth fauna is very poorly recorded and a good way of expanding our knowledge (and having fun at the same time) is to rear caterpillars through to adulthood. If you are not ...more ↓

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