Use of Robust Bracket (Fomitiporia robusta) in Australia

I spend a lot of time on iNaturalist changing identifications of Robust Bracket (Fomitiporia robusta). It seems many people think any perennial brown bracket is Fomitiporia robusta (or are directed to do so by the software suggestions), so decided to make a general post to clarify the issue.

There are two main problems with using Fomitiporia robusta for Australian species:
(1) there are MANY species (and many genera) of perennial brown brackets (Hymenochaetaceae) in Australia, not just one;
(2) The type locality of Fomitiporia robusta is Finland, and there are no confirmed (DNA-confirmed) collections of Fomitiporia robusta from Australia - so it is very likely that the name does not even apply. There are however several native species of Fomitiporia, and records of F. robusta are probably misidentifications of those.

So at least the majority of past Australian records of ‘Fomitiporia robusta’ are not this species, and some are not even Fomitiporia. The ...more ↓

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