Welcome to the Rare Plants of Texas iNaturalist project!

Our goal at TPWD is to find, document and track all of the 400+ rare plants in Texas. But we could use your help! Through this iNaturalist project, our main goal is to help you help us.
Pictures are worth a thousand words; however, identifying certain species from photos can be impossible. Many plants have microscopic features that cannot be captured with a typical camera lens, yet other species are perfectly identifiable with the right photos.
We can only identify plants based on the evidence you provide us. The following guidelines will assist you in capturing verifiable rare plant observations.

  1. Put your free hand or a ruler in the photo. This will help with focusing and provide a sense of scale.
  2. Take whole plant photos and close-up (or macro) photos of flowers, fruits, AND leaves. Photos of flowers (cluster, individual, side, front, and bottom), fruits, and leaves (arrangement on the stem, lower and upper
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The purpose of this project is to document populations of plants in Texas that are Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN). Currently this project is restricted to plants that are on the current Texas Parks and Wildlife's SGCN list and can be found here:

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