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August 07, 2020

Upgrade of Project

The RedList (s Afr) is being upgraded.
After almost two decades CREW is simplifying its data collection protocols to those data that are crucial to the red list assessments, and ditching its two signature projects CREW Species and CREW Sites, to the data collected by the casual observers.

Unfortunately, this means that two new fields must be added to this project.

  • 'Population size Estimate: (CREW)' The first is that CREW wants a "set" menu for population numbers and this has been added. This is needed for the CREW database, so is a compulsory field.
  • Population Size & Extent: an estimation or count of the number seen and over what area.
    This remains the same, but you are requested to please be formulaic along the lines of 43 plants in 2ha, or over 100 plants along a 50m transect. - so how many plants did you see in what sort of area. You are welcome to add extra information, such as adults vs juveniles, numbers dead, and and so forth, although you can also use the notes and comments for this.

  • Population Threats: those threats seen or inferred for this population (not general ones for the species, but specific to this site).

  • 'Specimen Herbarium/Museum Voucher Number: (CREW)' we included this field for ease of use: please dont use it unless you have a specimen to record.

We hope that this wont make the project too onerous, but the data included are essential, and will streamline the assessors tasks considerably.

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