San Diego County Wildlife Map

Over the past few years I've been building a Google map of birding locations in San Diego County. With the advent of I've incorporated the iNaturalist places into the map. Species guides and sightings are automatically built into the map! The map is still, and probably always will be, a work in progress.

View San Diego County Birding Hotspots in a larger map

Please use the map to find locations to visit and then add your observations to the San Diego County, California Biodiversity project.

Posted by finatic finatic, November 04, 2013 19:02


Amazing hard work. Neat use of "Places".

Posted by lynnwatson almost 8 years ago (Flag)

Liked the way it has been done.. maybe i can do the same for Mumbai and its surrounding areas .. with a few pointers from your side as to how to start doing it .... :)

Posted by ravi almost 8 years ago (Flag)

Ravi, I sent you a message.

Posted by finatic almost 8 years ago (Flag)

I truly wish i had been able to get to the beach to get photos of the birds there. Can you use that kind of sighting for your Bird map?
You know you live somewhere special when you see a white egret fly overhead.
But it's the 'squadrons' of pelicans i love to watch the most as they surf right above the surface of the water, changing just enough to keep from hitting a curl of the wave.

Posted by iamscout over 3 years ago (Flag)

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