City Nature Challenge Event Badge Claim

Cubs, Scouts and Scouters who have made 10 or more observations and who would like to claim the City Nature Challenge badge should please copy and paste the below URL into a web browser and ensure 10 or more observations were indeed submitted correctly. where you must replace xxx with your username.

Could Pack Scouters and Troop Scouters please find out which Cubs and Scouts in their Group participated and get their usernames and check whether they made 10 or more observations.

If you have more than 10 observations and would like the badge, please email to this effect and let me know what your username and Group are and whether you are a Cub, Scout or Scouter.

If you think you have more then 10 observations and yet the query reflects that you don’t have 10 or more then please check that all observations:
• Were assigned to the “Scouts South Africa” Project.
• Have the locality (latitude and longitude) correctly recorded so it is known if the observation was in Cape Town or the Garden Route.
• Have the date observed in the 24-27 April 2020 window.
• Have Geoprivacy set to "Open" or "Obscured" (not "Private").

The final day by which you can make your badge claim is midnight 6 May 2020.

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