Standard positions for SeaKeys dive sites

This is a list of dive sites used for SeaKeys observations. The geolocations listed are approximate drop-off positions, and represent the site position to a radius of about 100m in most cases. This is generally sufficiently accurate for our purposes, and better than guesswork and rough approximations from a map. By all means use more precise positions if you have them, but remember that GPS does not work underwater, and position by photo exif will be from the last recorded position before the dive, and unless it was just before leaving the boat, will be less accurate than those listed here.
There are three lists: One for the Cape Town region (top), one for Sodwana Bay (middle), and the third for all other sites in southern Africa (bottom)
All site listings licensed CC-by-sa 3.0

Dive sites of the Cape Town region

13th Apostle (Llandudno, offshore) -33.9914 18.3320


A-340 Pinnacle (Hout Bay, ...more ↓

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