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A Big Hike Tomorrow

Tomorrow, 5/25/16, Pamela Reed Sanchez, Tom Snyder, and David Liittschwager will embark on a 2 hour hike over the mountains to find some of the last remaining primary forest looking for the right spot to place our One Cubic Foot frame.

Why hike two hours when we could walk 5 minutes into the rain forest? We will hike that far because the forest around Centre Valbio (CVB) is all secondary regenerated forest. It was clear cut a mere few decades ago. When a forest is only a few decades old, the nutrient and biodiversity levels have not recovered yet, so it isn't as healthy as a primary forest.

That being said, the forests around CVB are still recovering. This is evident by the fact that CVB staff just saw a roller bird on site, a species that has been absent for over 2 decades.

Biodiversity is coming back to the reforested part of Ranomafana National Park, and while we will replicate One Cubic Foot in the regenerated forest, we also want to compare ...more ↓

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