Experience dramatic transition in Sloan Canyon.

As you descend farther into the canyon, note that the vegetation changes from chaparral to riparian woodland. Riparian means relating to wetlands adjacent to rivers and/or streams. Descending, you will find the Sweetwater River that runs through the bottom of the canyon. The chaparral gives way to sycamore, oak, cottonwoods, and willow trees as you approach an old bridge crossing the river. Even in drought conditions when the river might be dry, the riparian growth will be healthy as it taps into underground sources of water. The trees still provide a nice shaded spot to rest and eat lunch or a snack before heading back up the hill to your vehicle.

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Our Sloan Canyon parcel is located along the Sweetwater River adjacent to the Sycuan Reservation and the surrounding mountains of the Dehesa Valley. Ideal habitat for many plants and animals, Sloan Canyon is central to the traditional ecological knowledge and scientific ...more ↓

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