It begins! February 2018

On Sunday afternoon, February 25th, 2018, a group of hearty volunteers gathered at the South
Texas Border Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist's meeting site at St. George Orthodox Church
Hall in Pharr. Serving as naturalist educators and volunteers in the Rio Grande Valley, the group
was determined to transform the barren soil behind the church hall into a place where life would
flourish. The soil was more like concrete than a living place fit to nourish life. With the addition
of compost, mulch, water and considerable muscle power, the challenging process began. By the
end of that single afternoon, dozens of native species and well-adapted plants, including many
which act as either host or nectar plants to pollinators, were planted, watered, and mulched. A
pathway was created through one side of the garden. Using branches from an invasive tree which
had recently been cut down, the pathway was edged with logs and covered with mulch. Old clay
roofing tiles were re-purposed along the edge of other sections of the garden. Volunteers wrote
the name of each plant on markers to help identify the species planted. There was hope. We
provided habitat, food and shelter for butterflies, moths, bees and other local and migratory
pollinators. Like most Texans, these native plants are hardy and determined to thrive. The very
first week after the STBC-TMN Pollinator Garden was planted, monarchs were spotted feeding
and ovipositing. Soon thereafter, the first monarch caterpillar instars were documented as well.
Plant it and they will come!

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Posted by sambiology about 4 years ago (Flag)

Thank you, sambiology! You are an inspiration to us all.

Posted by matushkaelizabeth... about 4 years ago (Flag)

I've GOT to get down to the Valley more often... Love that location of Texas. :)

Posted by sambiology about 4 years ago (Flag)

Please let us know when you can come! We have places to show you and things to learn from you! :-)

Posted by matushkaelizabeth... about 4 years ago (Flag)

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