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Prairie restoration at this park began years ago with a grant that was awarded before the Natural Resources Management Program (NRMP) of the Houston Parks & Recreation Department was established. Lack of management has led this site to be covered in woody and non-native species; however, much of the hard work was done previously and with proper management, invasive species removal, and native plant installation, the 24 acre site will be a great example of prairie restoration in Houston. We have had a group out removing Chinese tallow trees from the site and will be mowing and seeding sections of the site this summer. Additionally, more invasive species removal workdays with SCA crews are planned for the summer 2016!

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The 27 acre park contains a variety of habitats, including ponds, prairie wetland, prairie upland, forest, and riparian forest. Approximately 24 acres of the park have been targeted for prairie restoration. The Natural Resources Management Program will be conducting semi-annual vegetation surveys and monthly bird surveys in the restoration area to track our success. We would love to have ...more ↓

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