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The uplifted Miocene basalts that make up the Swalalahos Floristic Province encircle the lower Columbia and include peaks in Tillamook, Clatsop, Wahkiakum and Pacific Cos. We have a good sense of the topography on the Oregon side and have made extensive visits to most of the peaks. The Washington side is sketchier and we will be adding geolocations to our system as we sort out access, ecotype and other details.

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We call the peaks that surround the Columbia River Estuary the Swalalahos Floristic Province to celebrate the unique character of the plants and animals that can be found here.

Between 6 and 17.5 million years ago a series of massive volcanic eruptions originating in Idaho and Eastern Washington produced a river of lava that flowed west to the Pacific Ocean along what is ...more ↓

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