The 100th member joined the Project! 一百个成員!

The 100th member joined the Project! (En/英)
一百个成員! (TW/台)

So far, there are 5 new members joining the project this month. They are,

96. @mimiworm 11/1
97. @phoebe21 11/7
98. @kallima 11/9
99. @yuchi 11/9
100. @miwuhsieh 11/11

Welcome to joining the Project.

It takes 777 days (25mon & 17d) from the day the project established, Sept. 26, 2017 till Nov. 11, 2019 to reach 100 members. The more the merrier, I think; and 777 is an interesting number, triple lucky 7.

按這个專案成立(2017.9.26)到昨昏(2019.11.11),粒積到 100 个成員,拄仔好 777 工(抑是講 25 個月閣 17 工)。我想:濟人濟跤手,加人加福氣。而且 777 嘛是一个心適數,是三倍的 lucky seven,不通共當做三七仔呢!

One thing I wish to remind our members that when uploading the obs of dragonflies and damselflies logged in Taiwan (including surrounding islands), pls make sure to add those to the project. Besides, if you find any odonate obs logged in Taiwan, pls also add it to the project.


Should you have any question or suggestion, pls feel free to let me know. Thank you for your participation.

* Remarks:
"in" 台(閩南)語的羅馬拼音,漢字是倒爿部首一个徛「人」字爿,正爿聲符「因」。是代名詞,第三人稱的複數,幾若个伊的意思。是一个新造字,電腦打字猶打袂出來。
"in" phonetics or pinyin, meaning "they" in Taiwanese Hokkien. The Kanji or the Chinese character (漢字) was lately coined as the radical, person (人), on the left, and phonetic affix (因) on the right.

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