9,000 obs accumulated / 九千个觀察記錄

9,000 obs accumulated / 九千个觀察記錄

The project accumulated 6,000 obs on Jul 24, 137 days ago, and reached 9,000 today (Dec. 8, 2019) It looks like the day of having 10,000 obs is coming soon, which is expected no later than coming May.

今年熱人(7/24)拄仔粒積 6,000 个記錄,著佇今暗(12/8)這个總數又閣予咱甲推進到九千个矣,才 137 工爾。讚!看起來,上慢明年五月著會超過一萬个記錄矣。

Posted by aru aru, December 08, 2019 15:51


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