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May 03, 2019

Information about project funding

We have been at the capitol the past two weeks to discuss our project's funding with legislators. Below are three common questions and answers we received from them and from the public*.

Q: Which bill are we talking about?
A: Senate bill S.F. 2314 (omnibus environment and natural resources bill). This is the bill eliminates funding for our project, and 40% of all LCCMR-recommended wildlife research projects.

Q: What is the project called?
A: It is entitled "Mapping habitat use and disease of urban carnivores"

Q: What is its purpose?
A: To learn about coyotes, red foxes, and gray foxes in the seven-county Twin Cities Metro Area. There have been exactly 0 published scientific papers for these species in Minnesota (and this includes the TCMA, of course). This project will provide much-needed information to Minnesota citizens and wildlife managers about coyotes and foxes, including where they live, what they eat, and whether they carry diseases that infect pets and people.

*thanks to David D. for asking for more information, which prompted this update!

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May 29, 2019

Our project's funding has been restored!

We received word that the latest budget bill from the legislature has restored our project's funding! We will be assured funding once the governor signs this bill into law. THANK YOU to all who contacted their legislators on our behalf!

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