It's over 2,000!

We're not fully through the third season but we have recently hit the 2,000 observation mark for this project! WOW!

A big thanks to everyone who has contributed so far to the project. I cannot stress how important it is to collect observations over multiple seasons.

These observations are important data for us to understand distribution and emergence patterns around the Greater Sydney Region, as well as understanding a bit more about cicada-plant interactions and preferences, particularly around more urban areas.

We're not through with the 2017/18 season, however. There are still quite a few species calling around the region. February and March are looking like keeping the good season going.

And don't forget you can still order copies of my Sydney cicada photo guide on eBay here:

We have also recently launched a website for our ...more ↓

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Cicadas are synonymous with summer in Australia with over 350 species identified (however, up to as many as 1,000 species call Australia home). We have the richest diversity of cicadas in the world. Their unique calls form part of the ‘soundtrack of summer’.

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