How-To guides for The River's Calendar

We have a slew of documents that offer tips on all aspects of the River’s Calendar project.
If you have questions about

  • Recording observations in the field, collecting specimens and taking photos;
  • Identifying specimens;
  • Using photos with the Rivers Calendar and iNaturalist;
  • Entering observations in the iNaturalist Rivers’ Calendar project; reviewing your own or others’ observations on iNaturalist;
  • Field guides to selected aquatic insects in Oregon and Massachusetts (will also work for areas near these 2 states);

we have answers for you. A two-page primer gives summary advice on all of these, and more detailed instructions on each are available from the web site, on the Getting Started page:

Download these documents, take a look, try them out, and send us your comments and questions – what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing, etc.


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