Tree Dieback Observation Fields

Following Observation fields are currently defined for the project

  • Observation field: Tree Dieback: Tree species – Tree needs not to be observed species of the observation. Higher taxon IDs are completely fine
  • Observation field: Tree Dieback: healthy/unhealthy/dead – does the tree look healthy (from first sight), unhealthy or already dead, or at least rather dead?
  • Observation field: Tree Dieback: Assumed cause – which organism is known as the main factor for the tree dying? E.g. Ash Dieback Europe: Hymenoscyphus fraxineus, Acer: Cryptostroma corticale

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project intends to give a collection of observation fields, in order to tag/monitor dying of specific tree species in an area, and pointing out healthy trees of this species as well

Some weblinks to Ash dieback Europe:

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