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This mild winter in Stillwater makes it easy to imagine the start of my second field season coming up quickly. Last year, I collected over 350 unexpected cycnia caterpillars from around Stillwater, OK, several of which had been infected by ichneumonid wasps and tachinid flies. These caterpillars kept me busy as I kept finding them well into October in some locations! I enjoyed finding new (to me) milkweed species and seeing so many different insects on the milkweed. My cycnia research also allowed me to help with monarch research. I had lots of fun chasing them down during fall migration to tag them!

This past fall, I used these observations and GIS to examine which variables and/or combination of variables most accurately predicted their distribution around Oklahoma and surrounding states by modeling different climate variables, elevation, and land use with this presence data. I found that mean July ...more ↓

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The unexpected cycnia moth (Cycnia inopinatus) is a milkweed dependent moth species. We are interested in documenting observations from throughout its geographic range, so we can learn more about its habitat requirements and where it is located. Volunteer-collected data will be used to model potential habitat throughout the entirety of its range.

Why are we interested? There are ...more ↓

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