Guidelines for Observing Wildlife

Hi everyone,

Please read over these guidelines for observing wildlife and adhere to them throughout this course (and throughout your life).

Please do not disturb, harm, or damage the wildlife you are observing or the environment you find it in. It is best to observe wildlife from afar for the safety of both the organism and the observer. Instead of getting close, try to use the zoom function on your camera whenever possible. Never harm or damage the organism you are observing. Harm or damage could include picking flowers and/or fungal fruiting bodies or disturbing nests and/or individuals.

To complete your assignment, you should focus on wild organisms. Please avoid uploading pictures of cultivated plants and animals.

Make sure you take identifiable pictures. Your subject should be in focus and should fill the frame whenever possible. See the observations I’ve added to the group for examples.

Take multiple pictures. Many organisms, ...more ↓

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Welcome! This project is for students in BSC 2011L Section 10 to upload and share their observations. Students are encouraged to view and ID observations from their peers.

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