Painted Lady Outbreak in Nebraska

Fresh Painted Ladies have been proliferating in Nebraska since about July 18, suggesting a recent mass emergence. This outbreak has been most closely monitored in the eastern part of the state, but large numbers have been observed throughout Nebraska. Meanwhile, here in central Iowa, 150 miles/240 km to the east, only a few have occasionally been spotted in the past several weeks. Will they eventually arrive here, and if so, when? I keep watching the skies for migrants and the flowers for many sudden arrivals, but so far, I've seen almost none.

Almost none, because this afternoon, July 23, I spotted a single Painted Lady, the first I had seen in just over three weeks. It was nectaring - or trying to nectar - in our small prairie patch on the Iowa State University campus, but wasn't having much luck because a particularly aggressive and persistent Monarch chased it several times and drove it away. So I have an observation, but no photo to accompany ...more ↓

Posted on July 24, 2020 06:42 by iowabiologist iowabiologist | 1 comment | Leave a comment
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